Recommendation Sample

Recommendation Sample

While a traditional recommendation letter wouldn’t be appropriate for an entire educational consultancy, there are a couple of ways you can leverage recommendations to build trust and credibility:

  1. Client Testimonials:
  • Gather positive testimonials from past students who have successfully secured admissions through your consultancy’s guidance.
  • Include these testimonials on your website or marketing materials.
  • Testimonials should be specific and highlight the positive aspects of your services, such as personalized support, expertise in specific programs/universities, or essay editing skills.

Example Testimonial:

“I was overwhelmed by the college application process, but [Consultancy Name] provided invaluable guidance throughout. My consultant, [Consultant Name], helped me identify the perfect programs for my interests and meticulously reviewed my essays. Thanks to their support, I received acceptance letters from my top choice universities!” – [Student Name], Accepted to [University Name]

  1. Partner Recommendations:
  • If your consultancy partners with universities or educational institutions, consider obtaining recommendation letters from them.
  • These letters can emphasize your knowledge of the application process, professionalism, and successful track record in placing students.

Here’s a sample structure for a Partner Recommendation:

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great pleasure that I recommend [Educational Consultancy Name] for their exceptional services in student advising and university placement. [Consultancy Name] has been a valued partner of [University/Institution Name] for [number] years.

Throughout this partnership, we have been impressed by their:

  • In-depth knowledge of university admissions processes
  • Commitment to personalized student support
  • Track record of successful student placements
  • Professionalism and communication skills

[Educational Consultancy Name] consistently provides our prospective students with accurate and insightful information about our programs and admissions requirements. Their students are well-prepared and demonstrate a strong understanding of our academic offerings.

We highly recommend [Educational Consultancy Name] to any student seeking guidance with the college application process.


[Name and Title]

[University/Institution Name]

By incorporating testimonials and partner recommendations, you can showcase the value proposition of your educational consultancy and build trust with potential clients.


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