Why Study in Canada

Canada has a well- established position among
leading study destinations. Choose to study in Canada, and you’ll have the opportunity to encounter vastly different
cultural and natural experiences ‒ from the ski slopes of British Columbia to the prairie province of Manitoba, with cities such
as Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver and Quebec famously friendly, tolerant and multicultural.

For those looking to study at an elite university in one of the world’s most developed nations, applying to study in Canada can be an attractive option.

Occupying the northern half of the North American continent, Canada is known for its natural beauty ‒ few nations in the world can boast anything close to its wealth of forests, lakes and mountains ‒ and for its multicultural diversity. The country has official bilingual status, with English and French used concurrently in government and official documents.

It’s also known for its sparse population (despite being the world’s second-largest country, it has a population smaller than that of just one US state, California) and for its harsh winters. In some parts of Canada, snow covers the ground for almost half the year ‒ but you’re unlikely to find any Canadian universities in those regions!

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