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About US

Arrow International is a global education consultant with its physical office in Kathmandu, Nepal. Company was incepted and started its operation on 2008 officially from Kathmandu. Company has been working with various education providers in different countries. We have been able to guide our aspirants to pursue their dream in one of the most attractive destinations such as USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and many other countries as per the students wish and academic as well as other circumstances.

Mission Statement

To help our students and their parents achieve their dreams come true through our support and guidance in relation to the educational and career prospectus.


To become market leaders by providing innovative and flexible study options to our aspirant in various global destinations, to conduct ethical business practice while maintaining the sustaining company policy.

The Numbers Say it All Why Choose Us

  • 100 +
  • 2000 +
    Satisfied Students
  • 95 %
    Or above visa success
  • 10 %
    scholarship oppertunities
  • Malleable Study Time

    Study material available online 24/7. Study in your free time, no time management issues, perfect balance between work and study time.

  • Placement Assistance

    ITM University Online has access to all of ITM Group’s placement resources and alumni network, through which thousands of job opportunities are generated.

  • Easy To Access

    There is easy accessibility to online help in terms of online teachers and online forums. Teachers can be contacted with the help of video chats and e-mails.

  • Study on the Go

    LMS that is easily accessible on a number of devices such as mobile phones, I-pads, computers and other such devices. Availability of ready reckoners such that students can remember the key points of the session learnt.

  • Get an Innovative, In-depth Transition

    The transition to an environment of learning becomes easy with the availability of multiple sources of learning such as text books, power-point presentations, and story boards on various subjects.

  • Practical & Interactive Participation

    Assessments and interactivities are given at the end of every session such that the practical application of theory learnt can be gauged.


  • Mr. Ramesh Chandra Bhattarai, MA (Economics)

    Chairman/ Executive Director

    Mr. Bhattarai was one of the dynamic personalities who engaged himself in various professional activities as well as doing philanthropic services for the community. He has his Masters degree in Mathematics from Tribhuvan University of Nepal, and been to Highly Skilled IT course organized and conducted by Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal for duration of 15 months that helped him to understand the globalization of education and IT industry in real sense. Since the inception of Arrow International Education- he has been promoting programs of hundreds of promoters from different parts of world. He has attended number of trainings and workshops in international education sector in Nepal and abroad.

  • Mr. Shiva Prasad Pokharel (MA Sociology, BBS)

    Executive Director

    Mr. Pokharel was one of the team leaders to develop and promote Nepalinux distribution as part of PAN Localization Project funded by IDRC (http://www.panl10n.net) aiming to minimize the digital divide through localization of Ubuntu and related Linux operating system in Nepali community. He has contributed to the society of Nepal through his hard work for around 6 years and upon completion of project, he changed his profession to education consulting which he thinks is quite relevant as both promotes the education and knowledge transformations for the betterment of humankind. In Parallel, he serves a NGO as a Chairman to empower and mobilize inactive youths of our society where we live in. He holds a masters degree in Sociology and have attended series of training sessions in higher education sector in different locations.

  • Mr. Jeevan Bhattarai, PhD

    Advisor/ Coordinator for Study in Japan Department

    Mr. Bhattarai holds his philosophy in doctorate from Tohuku University, one of the reputed universities around the world in Japan. He encompasses a rich knowledge in managing resources through education and skillset he has earned so far. He is continuing to serve a country level organization Japan Nepal International Corporation (JICA) as a freelance consultant that promoting and helping Nepal in the development of various sectors. At Arrow, he has been helping company develop policies and to plan for betterment of our students as well as to our company. His contribution to link and bridge the people of Nepal and Japan through education remains praiseworthy.

  • Mr. Santosh Panta (Masters in Business Studies)

    Manager cum Counselor

    Mr. Panta is a young, dynamic and passionate professional who is investing his valuable time in international education industry. He is much into managing the overall operations as well as to access digital networking through channelized social applications. He holds TITI training provided by the association of Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training and Ministry of Education.


    Front Desk cum Counselor

    Ms. Adhikari keeps her best in counseling and managing students with her pleasant personality. She makes her conversation in a friendly manner so the students visiting her share the vision what they actually want to be and their situations. She is a worth to the company since 2015 and been a member of the family since then.


    Mr. Karki has been working very hard to achieve his dream as an education consultant by furthering his career in facilitations of Nepalese students aspiring to achieve their educational goals abroad. He is a student of business and want to thrive himself into business world after significant experience in this industry. He is passionate, quick learner and dedicated for each cases assigned for further considerations at Arrow. Thanks to him for his great efforts.


    Office Helper

    Ms. Shrestha is with Arrow International for a couple of years joining hands to make workplace tidy and welcoming. She performs her duty without any obligation and in a timely manner. We, Arrow team, wish to celebrate her tenure for many years to come.

Our Associated Partners


  • I am happy and grateful that I have chosen Arrow International as my abroad study consultant in helping me with my visa & college application in Australia. I would like to thank Arrow Int’l team for all their hard work, assistance and support throughout the process. I would recommend their service to anyone who are interested in going to Australia for their higher education.

    Mr. Abinash Poudel, Diploma/Adv. Dip of Accounting, Mercury Institute of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
  • I am very grateful to Mr. Santosh Panta of Arrow International and Ms. Mandira for providing all the details that I need to know. They are very easy to contact whenever I have question regarding my application and very friendly. I thank them and the management for helping me out to make my dreams come true.

    Ms. Sami Shahi, The University of Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Australia
  • Initially, I went with my friend to learn about study abroad programs and opportunities in later days. My friend and I were amazingly surprised by the information on higher education situation of Nepal and in other destinations like USA, UK, Australia and so on. After realizing the scenario, we both started application to study in Japan to pursue Language Study in the beginning and then study Mechanical study to further start our career in this field. I am now happily studying Mechanical study in Tohuku University in Japan and would like to thank Arrow Team for guiding us through.

    Ms. Muna Aryal, Language Student Yamano Japanese Language College, Tokyo, Japan
  • Arrow Int’l is not only doing business but also a social service by true guidance to students like me. I was very much frustrated before due to my personal circumstances. When I met Mr. Arun of Arrow, he guided me through and gave a hope that there is always a positive way out for everyone who has faith on himself. Now I am pursuing my Masters Degree in University of Sunshine Coast and planning start a business in home after this. Thank you team!

    Mr. Pradip Pokharel, MPA, University of the Sunshine Coast, South Bank, Brisbane
  • I Thank Arrow International for being the bridge to my future and for helping me achieve my next step in life. You guys are always there when I need help. I can say that Arrow Team is the best consultancy in the Nepal. Keep helping students to make their life bright.

    Mr. Sudin Bhattarai, Masters of Management, International College of Management Sydney, Sydney
  • Mr. Shiva Prasad Pokharel, have done an excellent job with my University and visa applications and preparations to plan to study Australia. He went above and beyond his duty. Thanks to Mr. Pokharel and the team for all their hard work, patience and support. I would personally recommend Arrow International services to anyone considering studying in Australia.

    Mr. Himal Adhikari, Masters in Accounting (University of Sunshine Coast, Australia)
  • Studying in the USA was my one of desired dreams, which I am been fulfilled, with the help of Mr. Ramesh Bhattarai and his team from Arrow International. Choosing Arrow for the consultation and support was one of another right decisions I have made. Now, I am growing up as an individual as well as learning to interact and talk to people from different backgrounds. Thank you team for helping me out.

    Mr. Subarna Jung Kunwar, University of Findlay, USA
  • I feel very pleased when I hear a news regarding my Visa approval within 24 hours and I would like to thank Arrow international institute for speedy follow up with my application. They have been very helpful to me as I got quick response from emails, calls and messages when I was in dilemma. They guided me for the preparation of my documents. Also, they instructed me to follow their guidance so that it won't be any mistakes. Even I didn't believe when I get a call from arrow international regarding my Visa approval. Thanks to them again, for all the help and support.

    Bibek Malla,