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    • August 3, 2017
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    An international educational degree acquired in abroad is what an individual require to stand out in the crowd of today’s challenging environment. The fast growing number of educated manpower and the slow paced development has raise the bar of the competition to get recognition and get the job you always dreamt of. An international degree is not only highly regarded in Nepal but would be a valuable asset for foreign employment. Thus, with this notion in mind every year thousands of Nepalese students fly abroad for study. The number leaving the nation in the name education is growing every year.

    Well in fact, it is indeed very true that studying abroad will not only help a student to acquire an international degree but at the same time they can read about the social and many different cultural skills during their stay. They can easily get familiar with the governance which can be very applicable in our country which could lead to build a society like theirs. The opportunities of studying abroad are many to count but depends upon you how much you can grasp out of it.

    Along with numerous opportunities, there are challenges of studying abroad. There are pre processing and a lot of homework which should be done before you can fly to a foreign land. It is not necessary that after flying to that land the problems and challenges are solved. Choosing the right consultancy for the processing, university offering the right course under your budget are some challenges that one must overcome before the departure. Even after arriving in the foreign land problems may occur. There is obviously language problem as English is our second language and many countries do not even speak English. After that, the culture differences and challenges that are borne from it; their lifestyle to some extent or completely can be different from us, our dining, food, way of communication and many other cultural things can be intimidating. It’s a good idea to do a thorough study about their culture or get some ideas/tips from someone experienced and prepare yourself for it. That way it would be less shocking and lot more easier to get soaked in into the surrounding. Your openness to adapt things quickly and your promptness in learning will help you a lot. Challenges were there in Nepal too and overcoming them we get there. Challenges still prevail; the only difference is that of the environment you are facing them in.

    Easy or difficult challenges surely come to you. Don’t get intimidated by it and let go your dreams of studying abroad. When challenge shows the solutions will follow. In the midst of all these challenges for students we cannot ignore the hopes and solutions which might come to them. The international environment won’t be that harsh on you. On the basis of the country of your choice, the environment you will face differs. Some countries even have many aspects similar to us. Many countries have adapted the concept of multiculturalism and will respect you for what you are. You can find so many countries of welcoming nature and instantly you will start feeling like home.

    There are countries with similar climate or may be culture to ours for eg: India with whom we share a lot of common things from food to festivals. However, there are countries with which we share nothing common. But do not forget the point, which is, if a country wasn’t internationally environment friendly then the government would have not agreed to send their students there. So all the countries we go will be having international friendly environment. May be at the initial phase the uneasiness might take over but with time one will learn to live and adapt things.

    Summing up what we can say is that studying abroad will surely open up many doors of opportunities for you. But with opportunities comes challenges, challenges we must overcome to execute what we came for. One who is not prepared may get cultural shock but with time one will learn to live and mingle in the international environment.

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